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Chuck Todd

Trend time: Thu Nov 19, 2020
Trend location: Orlando / United States
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@owillis (Oliver Willis) tweeted:

"Is there some sort of compromise bill that could make everyone happy? Maybe only free some of the slaves? It might… https://t.co/LOhgqPjERX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Chuck Todd's raggedy bangs slipped again this morning and revealed his glowing white supremist dome once again huh?

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Chuck Todd is probably the only host in Meet the Press history to have bipartisan support for him to be replaced as the host

@jasonrantz ((((Jason Rantz))) on) tweeted:

Progressive Twitter is having a collective meltdown because Chuck Todd said something they don't like on the show t… https://t.co/4NsuZM4L9X

@PalmerReport (Palmer Report) tweeted:

Too many of you watch Chuck Todd just so you can lament about how awful he is. If you stopped hate-watching him, hi… https://t.co/5jRT3czA5G

@VictoriaNoir89 (Kraken the Book Witc) tweeted:

Stop hate-watching Chuck Todd. Hate-watching is still watching and it adds to the program's ratings. My two cents on that.

@TheWomensWatch (The Women's Watch ) tweeted:

RT @djrothkopf: Ok. I am a big fan of @MSNBC & enjoyed every time I've been invited on their air. I have awesome respect for almost al

@xmagicmomentsx (Laura ) tweeted:

RT @lindyli: Actual words that Chuck Todd has said: “It looks like Biden is going to be the apparent winner. There’s still more to go throu…

@ArgusC (Argus Collingwood ) tweeted:

RT @admiralmpj: Dear @NBCNews, Chuck Todd is actively harming Democracy. I wish this were a joke. But when you let a Conspiracy Theorist…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@jilevin I'm done watching Chuck Todd who I really never cared for anyway.

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