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Trend time: Thu Nov 19, 2020
Trend location: Orlando / United States
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@Joe_Dusty_Steed (Spooky Dust) tweeted:

Damn not Joey B man honestly fuck cinci for not giving that kid an o-line.

@Gx9fight (Simping with Hubris ) tweeted:

Eagles o-line when asked why they don't want to protect Wentz https://t.co/isIkqxlYqy

@LankyBoiPurds (Lanky Boi Purds) tweeted:

RT @EagleFanProbs: Early on, sure... Carson’s fault. The O-line is getting worse every play, and Doug STILL refuses to move the pocket. I…

@renealise (AL10.) tweeted:

It’s not Matt fault our o-line is nonexistent.

@ZaeBanz (Zae) tweeted:

@richyayoo_ He isn’t bad but yall O-line is also good too

@richmanab (Adam Richman) tweeted:

Pitching a 20 point shutout with a backup QB, RB, two missing starters on the O-line, and first year coach. Wow!

@LikeMike_81 (❌) tweeted:

@JCM__ It’s a shame they O-line getting him killed and I have no words for Wentz

@KolorsofKeish () tweeted:

I been saying our O-Line garbage for years.

@thekelssimone (Kminaj) tweeted:

.@Bengals invest an o-line please. My God.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Burrow needs to go on Cincy like Lebron did the Cavs. Force that team to get a O-line or he walks https://t.co/UfvQBm3KN3

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