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Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Minneapolis / United States
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@3wheelcharitybu (chris wood) tweeted:

Riddle me this. I’m good enough to pay tax all my life. But not good enough to receive help like the rest of the co… https://t.co/CI3Xyqqa2j

@0Kellz (j kellzy) tweeted:

stafford sacked 5 times and we were shut out @lions did y'all even try? where was his protection? we made the panth… https://t.co/zB0xJkRhNY

@NL0WE (Nicque) tweeted:

Matthew Stafford* https://t.co/xh45SP1NDs

@girlnflfan (gfy) tweeted:

RT @torijacobs: This is karma for Matt Stafford’s wife being an ignorant twat.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@HazeIton_ @turnzie Get his bag out of your mouth Stafford isn’t the answer

@Leslie_Netta (Leslie ) tweeted:

Take THAT, Kelly Stafford.

@ItsJustShad (Edgar Allen Poe) tweeted:

RT @LLamorandier: For the first time in Stafford's career as a starter, the Lions have been shut out. Also probably the lowest I've been o…

@DillonDavis (Dillon Davis) tweeted:

RT @WorldofIsaac: "I'm over cheering for this dictatorship we call the Lions!" -Kelly Stafford, probably

@thomas__moore_ (Thomas Moore) tweeted:

RT @TheGurtling: Tough week for Kelly Stafford. Living in a dictatorship in Michigan and watching her husband get blown out by the 3-7 Pant…

@PrideOfDetroit (Pride of Detroit) tweeted:

#Lions shut out for first time in Matthew Stafford’s career https://t.co/kyK6E9y8bJ

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