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Taysom Hill

Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Miami / United States
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@Nader723 (Nader Mirfiq) tweeted:

Whoever can guess how many passing yards Taysom Hill will throw tomorrow will get a Free Sports Overtime shirt. GO!!!!

@SigmundBloom (Sigmund Bloom) tweeted:

Looks like the "Taysom Hill as a starting NFL QB is a joke" crowd is taking the L today

@wingoz (trey wingo) tweeted:

Taysom Hill has 2 Rush TD today. The last Saints QB with 2 Rush TD was Drew Brees, who had 2 in Week 3 of 2018 agai… https://t.co/DMjSa2Lqyz

@RealSkipBayless (Skip Bayless) tweeted:

New Orleans D is doing to Matt Ryan what it did to Tom Brady - making him look overmatched. The beneficiary is Tays… https://t.co/XDpf0g0aAD

@GabeWhoDat (Sad Gabriel) tweeted:

Taysom Hill went from going on a Mormon missionary to putting the Falcons in the missionary position. Incredible.

@RosvoglouReport (Chris Rosvoglou) tweeted:

Taysom Hill in his 1st start: 233 passing yards, 51 rushing yards and two total TDs. I kept the receipts… https://t.co/BMDnD6Wuom

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Today’s lesson: players that has their nose in the playbook succeeds more than wannabe “thugs” that want to be in e… https://t.co/9oYYIm1ANO

@RealSkipBayless (Skip Bayless) tweeted:

Taysom Hill is a little more athletic runner than Tebow, maybe a little more accurate thrower. But his two deep bal… https://t.co/ytY869Bx5T

@RosvoglouReport (Chris Rosvoglou) tweeted:

Taysom Hill to every NFL analyst that said he’d look embarrassing in his first start https://t.co/lHZTM0droK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Bruh. People really said this dude should start over Taysom Hill https://t.co/3kWJ8mnfWD

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