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Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Miami / United States
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@Saints (New Orleans Saints) tweeted:


@nflnetwork (NFL Network) tweeted:

History in the Big Easy

@shonrp2 (Marshon Lattimore) tweeted:

Have a day Rabbit! https://t.co/Kbk1Q0eu91

@SaintsCSC (Canal St. Chronicles) tweeted:

2 minute warning. Saints close to closing this one out.

@MikeDetillier (Michael Detillier) tweeted:

Taysom Hill will get a ton of attention today and he deserves it.. but a huge story today and the past few weeks… https://t.co/d9Qos6V3vw

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Matt Ryan mic’d up during today’s loss to the saints: https://t.co/SZhcaLNWxQ

@MikeLMower (Michael Mower) tweeted:

It’s not hard to ❤️ this @BYUCougars who served a “mission trip” and is now such an incredible @Saints. Go # 7! https://t.co/oL9dtzTxts

@MikeTriplett (Mike Triplett) tweeted:

Saints win 24-9. Taysom Hill is 1-0 as a NFL starter.

@LeviDamien (Levi Damien) tweeted:

#Chiefs and #Saints vs #Raiders : 0-2 Vs everyone else: 16-1

@NFLonFOX (FOX Sports: NFL) tweeted:

#WhoDat The @Saints take down their rival to win seven straight games!

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