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Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Miami / United States
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@ThatsMissLisa2u (Miss Lisa ) tweeted:

Me and a tree. And the most glorious fire hydrant I have ever seen. How's your Sunday going?!?! I'm about to wat… https://t.co/BLNYCaWyMM

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

猫澤くん https://t.co/3RVV8daZIa

@soIoucity (Tony X) tweeted:

Lions getting cooked by the 2nd best QB from the xfl https://t.co/1oQTkEiKSJ

@DetvrsEverybody (DVE) tweeted:

The Lions need a Pistons style rebuild. Trade everyone except swift

@NFLBrasil (NFL Brasil) tweeted:

Os @Panthers batem os @Lions por 20 a ZERO! #KeepPounding #NFLBrasil https://t.co/Lw8jDBn2XW

@CanswpP (CindyP) tweeted:

Just in case you have run out of words to describe the Lions performance today. https://t.co/eTJmUGFejl

@therealNFLguru (Anthony Cervino) tweeted:

#Ravens backfield distribution v. #Titans J.K. Dobbins 15 carries, 70 yards, TD 2/15/0 receiving on 2

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Me: *ruins my Sunday by watching the lions knowing damn well they will hurt me to my core* Also me 30 minutes afte… https://t.co/SwM24ERd39

@nickjmc_ (nicolas) tweeted:

RT @Panthers: First shutout since 2015

@dhight1980 (Gizmo ) tweeted:

@BovadaOfficial Lions

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