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Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Miami / United States
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@BenjaminSolak (Benjamin Solak) tweeted:

LMAO Alshon tried to take off and his Achilles reminded him it’s not 2012

@ChipReiderson (Lord Chip Reiderson,) tweeted:

Josina gonna pretend to be asleep when Alshon gets home

@JimmyKempski (Jimmy Kempski) tweeted:

Whenever you can attack one of the best CBs in the league with (watches replay) Alshon Jeffery(!), you have to do it!

@TyJohnsonNews (Tyrone Johnson) tweeted:

Bad decision, Alshon mistimed his "jump". He shouldn't be out there and should never ever be targeted https://t.co/EbXgYUHwyx

@BleedingGreen (Bleeding Green Natio) tweeted:

Alshon would’ve caught that if it was Nick Foles throwing to him

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

That was a shit throw but Alshon got bullied by a dude half his size

@AndrewBrandt (Andrew Brandt) tweeted:

The Eagles business decisions regarding Alshon Jeffery have been problematic. Re-signed on the decline; tried in va… https://t.co/f4fHgGFsWg

@RRone2210 (Ryan Rone) tweeted:

People really wanna throw everything on Wentz

@Elsliimoo (.) tweeted:

Every INT isn’t the QB fault.. Alshon literally mistimed the jumped lol

@dmay706 (si6) tweeted:

“Alshon mistimed his jump” Hell you doing throwing a touch pass Alshon in 2020 for? lmao save it please

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