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Kareem Hunt

Trend time: Sun Nov 15, 2020
Trend location: Miami / United States
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@FG_Dolan (Joe Dolan) tweeted:

The Eagles are the absolute stupidest football team. Get shredded on the ground by f'ing Daniel Jones, Wayne Gallma… https://t.co/ksbFC7UGUD

@OwnersBox (OwnersBox Fantasy Sp) tweeted:

Kareem Hunt Going

@ChuckGobrowns (Chuck Filek #D4L) tweeted:

Nick Chubb- Stiff arms a man straight into his grave Kareem Hunt- Leaps tall buildings in a single bound.

@Ceddy__Ced (Ced Colson Jr.) tweeted:

Cleveland Browns have finally found an identity to their football team and that is run the ball with Nick Chubb & K… https://t.co/LORyhc

@Bigboyvick (⚽Vick II⚽️) tweeted:

RT @NFL: Kareem Hunt FLIES in for the TD! #Browns

@RyanBlanden (Ryan) tweeted:

RT @NFL: Kareem Hunt FLIES in for the TD! #Browns

@sooperjordan (Boogie Bousins) tweeted:

RT @barstoolsports: Kareem Hunt walked on air (and briefly a defender’s head) https://t.co/nXAyRUQs93

@eXalt_truth (Nick) tweeted:

@SliMagik Gimme Kareem Hunt over my 2 points...

@Emiliooo_6 (Chef) tweeted:

RT @MySportsUpdate: This Kareem Hunt is as fun as is gets. Look at those hops. https://t.co/btmKUtY9OV

@ThatWhiteDye (Cory Dye) tweeted:

@SportsManorPod Kareem Hunt TD?

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