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NFC East

Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Los Angeles / United States
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@PorscheofSports (Pat (WANO SZN) (TYBW) tweeted:

Giants ain't play this week and took first place in the NFC East I love this fucking song lol

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@BleacherReport Shittsburg’s

@GehlkenNFL (Michael Gehlken) tweeted:

At 2-7, Cowboys sit in last place in NFC East. If they win today vs. Vikings, they can vault to first place with a… https://t.co/RzVU4zqzuZ

@FieldYates (Field Yates) tweeted:

With their 22-17 loss to the Browns, the Eagles fall to 3-6-1 and drop all the way down to first place in the NFC East.

@FantasyPros (FantasyPros) tweeted:

The NFC East division leaders are 3-6-1. That's it. That's the tweet.

@Schmeelk (John Schmeelk) tweeted:

NFC East Update: Washington wins, Philly loses. If Dallas beats Minnesota (big if) all three NFC East teams would h… https://t.co/LsKDD9hxOQ

@AdamZagoria (Adam Zagoria) tweeted:

Let’s go live to the NFC East : Eagles 3-6-1 Giants 3-7 Wash 3-7 Cowboys 2-7 https://t.co/OKkObj0I5Y

@jonmachota (Jon Machota) tweeted:

NFC East standings: Eagles: 3-6-1 Giants: 3-7 Washington: 3-7 Cowboys: 2-7

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

The Eagles at 3-6-1 are in 1st place in the NFC East. The 49ers at 4-6 are in 4th place in the NFC West. Life isn’t fair.

@BenjaminSolak (Benjamin Solak) tweeted:

One week closer to a 4-win NFC East champion. Victory Sunday baby.

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