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Taysom Hill

Trend time: Sun Nov 22, 2020
Trend location: Long Beach / United States
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@TheTrackMamba (Slaydro) tweeted:

Best qbs in the NFC South 1. Drew Brees 2. Taysom Hill 3. Teddy Bridgewater 4. Tom Brady 5. Kyle Allen

@TheTrackMamba (Slaydro) tweeted:

Drew Brees Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill having a discussion and Matt Ryan tries to chime in. https://t.co/xqMXpOEAxA

@MikeTanier (Mike Tanier) tweeted:

Taysom Hill is starting for the #Saints today because Sean Payton is arrogant and wants to prove he's been right all along. The end.

@KingJosiah54 (Josiah Johnson) tweeted:

Jameis every time Taysom Hill drop back to pass https://t.co/THw5ote5wH

@NoisyHuevos (Brad Evans) tweeted:

Taysom Hill with TE eligibility in ESPN leagues is a travesty, unless, of course, you have Taysom Hill.

@ESPNFantasy (ESPN Fantasy Sports) tweeted:

When you're playing against Taysom Hill as a TE https://t.co/tPiPAqTzhu

@NFLResearch (NFL Research) tweeted:

Taysom Hill and Daunte Culpepper are the only players in the Super Bowl era with 40+ rush yards & 2+ rush TD in the… https://t.co/Zwx886

@GinoMariani14 (Gino Mariani) tweeted:

Congratulations to Taysom Hill on his first NFL start and win at QB. Proud coach and community in Pocatello!! https://t.co/4fAU10saLj

@SportsLawLust (Sports Law Lust) tweeted:

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

TAYSOM HILL SZN https://t.co/Bliy1paDFG

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