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Sam Smith

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ipoh / Malaysia
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@SixSecondSongs (SixSecondSongs) tweeted:

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

@TheSongMsgs (Song Lyrics) tweeted:

Sam Smith (Stay With Me) http://t.co/XaOMJy3ArJ

@myohhhmaya (Maya Reese⚡) tweeted:

Sam smith is a winner either way, I mean look at his boyfriend

@Phoebetommo04 (Phoebe Tomlinson ) tweeted:

One Direction

@TheSongMsgs (Song Lyrics) tweeted:

You keep coming back for me when you're the one who tore us apart. -Sam Smith


Sam Smith Amazing stage

@DallinMcKinney (Dallin McKinney) tweeted:

@samsmithworld I've never heard anyone sing like Sam Smith... UNTIL NOW! @CaseyBreves IS AMAZING!!! #RETWEEET https://t.co/EkrcJwoCPh

@foreverVSceleb (Celeb VS CELEB) tweeted:

REQUESTED RT for Sam Smith Fave for Cody Simpson http://t.co/SgdfSduKUB

@imchriskelly (Chris Kelly) tweeted:

Sam Smith: "[sings entirety of 'Stay With Me']" Other Guy: "Okay, no offense but now I'm def leaving."


【@WorldMusic_info 】 明日のJ-WAVE「SMILE ON SUNDAY」で先日行われたSAM SMITHのPREMIUM SHOWCASEのLIVE音源をオンエア!明日朝9:00スタート★

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