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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ipoh / Malaysia
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@calumscene (flo ☁️) tweeted:

RT IF YOU LOVE THE JUMP! #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/ILKnHvWMEz

@5SOSTumblrx (5SOS TUMBLR POSTS) tweeted:

Rt and fetus Luke will bring you luck (SEE WHAT I DID THERE??? LUKE LUCK HHHH) #Kca #vote5sos http://t.co/s4CoFJnlJd

@5SOSTumblrx (5SOS TUMBLR POSTS) tweeted:

We see you Calum.. #kca #vote5sos http://t.co/7IWKw4BY5o

@nattifaria (natalia) tweeted:

#vote5sos #KCA http://t.co/AfoHyf2hux

@LoxAndGuys (M Bad Bitch.๑ु) tweeted:


@5SOS_Daily (5sos daily) tweeted:

i'm craving some cake

@5sosxxfammm (5sos) tweeted:

true Luke, true #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/Gko8bqk58Q

@vinaaxx (vina.) tweeted:

RT for vote our idiots!

@cocainecliffo (chloe) tweeted:

“@AFlRWlNS @galaxy_michaeI: “@vodkaxxclifford @steadyirwin: “@cocainecliffo: do this bc we are losing #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/HeIQVZ5lhn

@psychroheart (Sally) tweeted:

Keep this in mind when Calum doesn't tweet for 3 days #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/uoTXY3dir3

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