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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Kajang / Malaysia
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@jokoanwar (Joko Anwar) tweeted:

Kingsman The Secret Service may be THE MOST FUN movie I've seen in years!! I didn't want it to end!!! http://t.co/snoAT7Q13n

@chilltaire () tweeted:

Kingsman - Take Me To Church http://t.co/48E1JuuXa7

@andytelasai (AT) tweeted:

Kingsman was a good movie. http://t.co/MPxq4o1S23

@MarissaAnita (Marissa Anita) tweeted:

Kingsman was whacky, crazy and fun! Foxcatcher next! #Film

@iamsacross (SACROSS PEACHII) tweeted:

Kingsman คือดีอะ คืองานรวมความบริทิชมากกกกกกก รวมไว้ทุกอย่าง ฉาก ตึก คฤหาส ร้านค้า มหาลัย สไตล์ นิสัย accent สแลง sayings ไปค่ะ ไปดู

@sitiibrhm__ (ssst) tweeted:


@AizamFirdauz (Aizam Firdauz) tweeted:

@AfqGhafar hahahah takde saja bergurau. dah tgok kingsman?

@abbyrain (애비.누나 [S/H]) tweeted:

RT @nursyafiqahpka: Eggsy smirk when he saved the world. Damnn

@JS_Chandra (Sharath Chandra) tweeted:

Showtime #Kingsman

@febriyantifp (febriyanti pratiwi) tweeted:

RT @MarissaAnita: Kingsman was whacky, crazy and fun! Foxcatcher next! #Film

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