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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: United States / United States
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@BigHeadSports (BigHeadSports) tweeted:

#RuinAMovieWithPoop "The Human Centipede". Was that too literal?

@rhettandlink (Rhett & Link) tweeted:

#RuinAMovieWithPoop The Poop of the Lambs

@rhettandlink (Rhett & Link) tweeted:

#RuinAMovieWithPoop Poop Hard http://t.co/6XB1jm9j3J

@DamianVanore23 (Damian Vanore) tweeted:

Don't Be A Menace To Society While Drinking Prune Juice In The Hood #RuinAMovieWithPoop

@Flamin_Arrow (Sharlet saidi) tweeted:

The runaway poop #RuinAMovieWithPoop

@davehosey (Wìzard of hØz) tweeted:

Potty training day #RuinAMovieWithPoop

@Comedypedia (Sarcasm) tweeted:

#RuinAMovieWithPoop Poop Hard !!! http://t.co/8GtVDnd3FZ

@idolknights (IdolKnights) tweeted:

Diarrhea of a Mad Black Woman. #RuinAMovieWithPoop

@jakepickford (Jake Pickford) tweeted:

#RuinAMovieWithPoop The Hangover: Shart 2

@InternetUnwind (Jake) tweeted:

#RuinAMovieWithPoop lord of the poops

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