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Trend time: Wed May 27, 2015
Trend location: Melbourne / Australia
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@Jiddy7 (Philip Wɐɹɔɥ Johnson) tweeted:

The Lannisters send their regards. #5WordWeddingToast @midnight

@Michellesfunny (Michelle Shaughnessy) tweeted:

Till death does its part @midnight #5WordWeddingToast

@LisaVikingstad (Lisa Vikingstad) tweeted:

It was this or prison. #5WordWeddingToast @midnight

@joshingstern (joshingstern) tweeted:

Here's to ironclad Pre-nups #5WordWeddingToast

@viewfrommyoffic (View from my Office) tweeted:

Roll the Bachelor Party Tape! #5WordWeddingToast @midnight

@MrTommyCampbell (Tommy Campbell) tweeted:

Why's Cosby behind the bar? #5WordWeddingToast @midnight

@ () tweeted:

#5WordWeddingToast Love is blind; even, retarded...@midnight

@BrendanMcInnis (Brendan McInnis) tweeted:

So, you wore white anyway? #5WordWeddingToast @midnight

@KnotsThoughtz (Jake JuggerKnot 2️⃣0) tweeted:

Deez nuts! Ha, got eem!!! #5WordWeddingToast @midnight

@instanttragedy (Sean A. Donahue) tweeted:

Wow, you still married him! #5WordWeddingToast @midnight

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