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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ukraine / Ukraine
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@elliot_gonzalez (Elliot Gonzalez) tweeted:

Look at their faces when they realise! "How's Adam?"

@_JamzWyla (Jammy Dodger) tweeted:

That moment when you call an actor by his real name. Ooops! #Eastenders #EELive https://t.co/zHTsJD4zMe

@AdamWoodyatt (Adam Woodyatt) tweeted:

What a brilliant 30th birthday message from the cast of Neighbours. #EELive https://t.co/AUfMsDrzeW

@3HunnanSosa (CHECK MY FAVS) tweeted:

“@FUNKYDEE1: Who made this picture

@BigMaxBranning_ (Max Branning) tweeted:

Goodbye ma. Enjoy prison. #EastEnders #EELive

@TopeTops (Queen Vaps ) tweeted:

Did Jane did it looool my mums reaction #EELive https://t.co/DnKSK42gOV

@SlowSportsNews (Slow Sports News) tweeted:


@TeezeDem_FF (Fitness Connoisseur) tweeted:

#EELive When you nearly thought Kim's baby died

@EmmaKennedy (Emma Kennedy) tweeted:

What a little bastard #bobby #eelive

@BBCOne (BBC One) tweeted:

RT if you are speechless/tweetless by what you just witnessed. Lucy Beale’s killer has been revealed. #EELive http://t.co/Zeey3RrGjL

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