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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ukraine / Ukraine
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@Ian56789 (Ian56) tweeted:

How the US recruited 300 ppl to manipulate social media to overthrow the gov in #Ukraine http://t.co/jEl4TVY03X https://t.co/QfLJ4Mq2oL

@NATO (NATO) tweeted:

"#Ukraine cease-fire violations threaten Minsk agreements" - #NATO SG http://t.co/KIC07R1oq5 http://t.co/knVR9wYwY9

@SenJohnMcCain (John McCain) tweeted:

Sent letter w/ bipartisan Senators calling for increased sanctions on #Russia & defensive weapons for #Ukraine: http://t.co/T3AfW6aHPx

@VanityFair (VANITY FAIR) tweeted:

These are the stories and photographs of women fighting separatist rebels in Ukraine http://t.co/AYGUxIRbGX http://t.co/7XP1YiSbHa

@BungeeWedgie (Alex Bukovsky) tweeted:

#Debaltsevo locals say #Ukraine artill. hit these houses fr adjacent street 4 journos fr #Poland that needed material http://t.co/Oi5CSD0URG

@TSlicht (Todd A. Slicht) tweeted:

# Mh17 #Ukraine MH17 was attached by 23mm projectiles within 10.000m - A lot of brass residues from projectiles ! http://t.co/8seoTbqfUj

@RT_com (RT) tweeted:

Ukrainian President ratifies joint 4,500-strong military unit with Poland and Lithuania http://t.co/2OY5lOcYMN http://t.co/yUfuFBO5PP

@escalatorover (davie ewan macdonald) tweeted:

#Ukraine City Holds Its Breath:Slanted western MSN view of unrest in #Kharkiv Interesting read http://t.co/puL49KkfC9 http://t.co/frWT0sPTAW

@oukita2 (OUKITA) tweeted:

#Ukraine The ultimate humiliation of Ukrainian people, the witch with the cookies in exchange for dead men! http://t.co/QqKLXTPwzS

@cy80s (cy80s) tweeted:

another confirmation of the atrocious rapes in #Mariupol by Ukraine forces http://t.co/ZVUffasStF

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