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@RDUAirport (RDU Int'l Airport) tweeted:

We've been challenged to a #AirportThrowdown for #NationalDonutDay! Find these delicious ones at Salsaritas in T1: http://t.co/LjdALEi9SZ

@ETPJ (Pump Jacks Baseball) tweeted:

@EddieDionne has a 0.00 ERA in 9 innings pitched. Now those are some nice donuts. #EddieisJacked #NationalDonutDay

@MetroLyrics (MetroLyrics) tweeted:

.@FifthHarmony x Donuts = Perfection. #NationalDonutDay #Harmonizers #FifthHarmony http://t.co/OFm95O1CRn

@esurance (Esurance) tweeted:

Thank goodness for #donuts!? Learn how to change a flat in 53 seconds. #NationalDonutDay http://t.co/pydkbQ3fQR http://t.co/w2ZpHiovzZ

@AudiForLife (Audi For Life) tweeted:

Combining #NationalDonutDay with something I love. Photo via @quattroworld http://t.co/d1lzJW591V @Audi @Audi__Sport http://t.co/O2e4l6TZl9

@FallonTonight (Fallon Tonight) tweeted:

Happy #NationalDonutDay, pals! http://t.co/AM18Tpl6q3

@Simpsons_tweets (The Simpsons) tweeted:

"Homer, stop picking at it." "But I'm so sweet and tasty." #NationalDonutDay http://t.co/wMMydO5a4h

@FoodsBible (Food Bible) tweeted:

Free donuts at Krispy Kreme all today for #NationalDonutDay! Retweet to save a life http://t.co/CjYHKN70e8

@sayomgwtf (Say Mistage ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ☆) tweeted:

Things I need in my life today #NationalDonutDay http://t.co/oS5tNcapAR

@eBay (eBay) tweeted:

A day we can get behind. Happy #NationalDonutDay! http://t.co/hnkBzupwHC http://t.co/GBlYCy9Vjd

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