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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@_AdriVJ (•A) tweeted:

#DR3AM #UCLfinal ❤️

@NorizKamal (Norizzati) tweeted:

RT @FCBarcelona: Rakitic's goal #FCBLive #UCLfinal http://t.co/YK0hV6d3Ks

@jenarovillamil (Jenaro Villamil) tweeted:

RT @euronews: The game is calming down after Rakitic scored for #FCBarcelona #UCLfinal http://t.co/EjZqyZQjtl

@Matraversari (Matias Traversari) tweeted:

RT @wqueijeiro: Messi y Tévez segundos antes de salir al campo #BarcelonaVsJuventus #UCLfinal http://t.co/mnJny5NuOL

@sbasquill13 (Samantha Basquill) tweeted:

RT @TimHowardGK: #UCLfinal

@natmka (natao) tweeted:

RT @mybiglove_BTR: Let's go Poland! Let's go Barca! ☺♥ #FIVBWorldLeague #UCLfinal #GoPoland #FCBarcelona

@_chescaaa_ (ɟя∀и❥) tweeted:

RT @JRisLIVE: This is how #Juventus fans look right now

@lwandilemcaba (IG: thisismihi) tweeted:

RT @MbalulaFikile: They're just hating from outside because they couldn't get in, baxolele @Kamphumzen: people are hurt that Mbalula went t…

@MichaelWoody1 (Michael Wood) tweeted:

RT @ChampionsLeague: A stunning save from @gianluigibuffon denies @DaniAlvesD2 and keeps it at 1-0. #UCLfinal http://t.co/b21odyHuoU

@Be_Partha (P A R T H A) tweeted:

This guy kicked on Suarez's ass

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