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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@totgira (Tot gira) tweeted:

RT i FOLLOW a @TotGira + comentari sobre la Final, si vols la nova samarreta del Barça firmada per Neymar! #girafinal http://t.co/KM8fK0UFfz

@EscuderoRMCF (E S C U D E R O.) tweeted:

Si hoy gana el Barça conseguirá su quinta Champions, nosotros la quinta la ganamos hace 55 años ¡HALA MADRID! http://t.co/UU3jFANaHJ

@_tbs11 (Tristan Sprague) tweeted:

i want Juve but we all know Barca is gonna smack

@SanPeluca (PELU.) tweeted:

Cuando leo Vizca Barça. http://t.co/HoqSnyuLSV

@LeHuffPost (Le HuffPost) tweeted:

#UCLfinal La finale de la Ligue des Champions avec le meilleur (et le pire) du web http://t.co/9T9P8dpW1D

@ErkekTerimleri (Erkek Terimleri) tweeted:

Barça erken bosaldi amk.

@Skrizovic (Skrizovic) tweeted:

Forza Barça ahahahaha

@mikesanz19 (Mike.) tweeted:

Funny how Liverpool fans talk like Luis Suarez is on loan at Barca... Just like United fans have done all these years with C.Ronaldo.

@yosoyvegeta (Majestad Vegeta) tweeted:

Barça vs Juventus es como decir Cell vs Mr Satan

@FCBShaun (Shaun) tweeted:

VISCA BARCA!!! http://t.co/5tVvNk39Ay

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