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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@dyobarcelona (Dyo Barcelona) tweeted:

VIDEO | Rakitic adelanta al Barça en el marcador http://t.co/nnL86idNeu http://t.co/Glv9S4mIEj

@SergeZarka (Serge Zarka) tweeted:

Some of my friends are cheering #Juve just because they hate #Barca :) :)

@pilar64pa (PilarA&G) tweeted:

Hoy dedicado al BARÇA....⚽️

@_MariaListe (María.) tweeted:

Ganaremos el Triplete pero la depresión de un Barça sin Xavi no me la quita nadie

@Gema_Tm22 (Gema Torres 26♌) tweeted:

Que teatreros los del barça por favor

@Athene_M_ (Ephesians 4:32) tweeted:

Even the referee is a barca fan. Foh! I'm not watching again

@LorennyT (Lorenny Tinjacá C.) tweeted:

Go #Barça #ChampionsLeagueFinal ❤️

@andy_alloyd4 (Andy Lloyd) tweeted:

Only 20 thousand tickets each barca juve the other 30 thousand + to co operate. Don't agree coz it the proper fans who make the atmosphere.

@Barca_legends (♛BaRcA★LeGeNdS) tweeted:

لاعبو اليوفي لا يوقفون لاعبين البارسا الا بفاول

@_MoFash_ (MoFash) tweeted:

Messi's tattoo tho

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