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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@AbigailBcn (Abigaíl Parra) tweeted:

El poder del Barça...la roca village desierta... #benditobarça http://t.co/IkggKWttTo

@Muftawu_Nabila (Muftawu Nabila Abdul) tweeted:

Barca attack more down the left, think he should Pogba to the right side of the midfield to protect him. https://t.co/YX3Uw7fc1o

@rafs_carvalhoo (Paulista) tweeted:

Barça tá bem man

@Rich1Donnelly (Richard Donnelly) tweeted:

20k Barca fans, 20k Juve fans, 30k corporate fans. Football, the peoples game? #ChampionsLeagueFinal

@AggustinaL (aguus ✨) tweeted:

Juven vs Barça ♥

@RiddleSkittles8 (Ashley) tweeted:

RT @FCBarcelona: What a start for Barça! JUV 0 - 1 FCB #FCBLive #UCLfinal

@IsaacRusan (#Îşăãć) tweeted:

El barca no es un equipo español que lo sepáis para lo que decís que no apoyamos al equipo de nuestro pais

@giovannascfc (g) tweeted:

RT @neymarjr: indo Jogar video game com @brunouvini34 e @caixetahenrique ... Champions League ... Vamos lá Barça

@nwoye_chike (RJ) tweeted:

Memories of Barca v Inter at Nou Camp. "@ArmchairCritic_: The double marking on Messi sha. If you move you die"

@SecondSentinus (Mustafa Yalçın) tweeted:

Barça-Juve maçını izlemeyen erkeğe annemin örgü iplerinden hediye edebilirim ..

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