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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@javi2596 (Javier Antonio †) tweeted:

RT @FCBarcelona_es: Así han celebrado los jugadores del Barça el gol de Rakitic #DR3AM #FCBlive #UCLfinal http://t.co/Nl4ul3na2d

@MartaG_x (Marta) tweeted:

@Primista_gh15 Para ganar al barça es lo único que saben hacer.

@graymu_ (Gray) tweeted:

How Barca are so calm in their own box i will never know

@RobertDamianos (Robert F. Damianos) tweeted:

RT @SergeZarka: Some of my friends are cheering #Juve just because they hate #Barca :) :)

@pezdeciudad_ (Oliverio) tweeted:

Los que critican a los que estamos apoyando al Barça hoy son los que escribían tuits de #prayforvenezuela hipócritas

@SamuelOmojola (Samuel Omojola) tweeted:

@_Ts_101 from when he stepped into this barca team back when pep was manager the best told yaya sorry it's my spot

@_harrydavies (Harry D) tweeted:

As soon as the pressure goes up a bit Barca just resort to falling on the floor and diving!

@irksr_ (.) tweeted:

I bet next year Barca will retain the champions league..If they win tonight..

@clementsim55 (Clement) tweeted:

RT @FutbollVines: GOAL RAKITIC!! Iniesta assist. Juve 0-1 Barca http://t.co/GFHSOueoAL

@merawatingatan (Fiersa Birahi) tweeted:

Hahaha. Pemain Barca masih pinter acting ternyata :))

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