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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@JoMarina55 (Jordi Marina RepCat) tweeted:

En España no se respeta la legislación internacional (S. Vidal en el Parlamento Europeo) http://t.co/ky2Hk0lr4q

@DjMaRiiO (DjMaRiiO) tweeted:

¿Qué le pasa a Vidal hoy?

@buganca_ (Danyel Bugança ) tweeted:

Vidal vai ser expulso, to até vendo

@ShelzFynest (Mrs. CEO™(`_ゝ´)┌∩┐) tweeted:

What an asshole play from Vidal. Give tha imps another card and send his ass off. Should have been a red.

@swit_banana (slim daddy) tweeted:

VIDAL wont play second half ,, I swear. The Nigga think he is auditioning for an ACTION MOVIE

@fantantonio (Fantantonio) tweeted:

Todo lo listo que jugó Vidal contra el Madrid y lo tonto que se está comportando hoy

@mrtldrip () tweeted:

Vidal is in need of some therapy

@Nick28T (Nick ) tweeted:

Vidal bro... The guy is gonna kill someone

@Raul_Orvananos (Tío Orvi (¡Uuuy!)) tweeted:

Uy! Vidal en cualquier momento hace un @RafaMarquezMX

@A_Mcalavey (Anthony McAlavey) tweeted:

Does Vidal have somewhere to be or what cause he doesn't look like wants to finish the game at all

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