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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@tuitown (Uncle G) tweeted:

RT @barcasstuff: Vidal to Alves: you stole my haircut asshole

@TatoBautista (Slaven Dracul ®™) tweeted:

RT @Sweats_me: Vidal tiene más cara de ampón que Neymar, no lo discuto con nadie.

@Funionz (Felipe ) tweeted:

RT @CombMyAfro: Chile RT @Tal_Miranda: Does Vidal have somewhere to be?

@aymlouise_ (Amy-Louise) tweeted:

RT @TSBible: Vidal definitely has a bet on himself getting sent off. #UCLfinal

@EvanGalvin (Evan Galvin) tweeted:

RT @A_Mcalavey: Does Vidal have somewhere to be or what cause he doesn't look like wants to finish the game at all

@aaalpersenn (A.Ş.) tweeted:

RT @matematikman: vidal tam bir anten

@pelinoviks (erendiz) tweeted:

pirlo, vidal, del piero, evra emekliler takımı gibi:(

@mmdcciii (أَ) tweeted:

Malna ya vidal

@WSFC_ (9-4) tweeted:

RT @desimpedidos: Guiñazú >>>>> Vidal

@BarisNazli (Barış Nazlı) tweeted:

Vidal modelinden sonra @yasarovic twitter da foto paylassin

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