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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
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@TroisiemePoteau (Troisième Poteau) tweeted:

- CJP : "Arsène, que pensez-vous de ce diable de Pogba ?" - Wenger : "Non." - CJP : "Merci ! On en reparle dimanche dans Téléfoot !" #JUVBAR

@kluiickees (Snap : Kluickoos) tweeted:

Paul Pogba n'est pas encore bien chaud , vous savez les danseurs de LOGOBI avant de bien danser ils s'échauffer d'abord façon façon

@layz_sanchez09 (Layzinho) tweeted:

Can I just see Pogba score a volley?

@zeksoo (Sofiane Z.) tweeted:

Bientôt un musée européen de la coiffure dirigé par #Pogba. #UCLfinal http://t.co/MnOH2XvYFD

@ysrbhn (payet) tweeted:

J'ai sortit le maillot de Pogba et tout #ForzaJuve

@KREIZI_ (AM COOL) tweeted:

If pogba was an actor in SA he would be in muvhango as azwindinis son

@pauljwatson72 (Paul Watson) tweeted:

Pogba chasing around after Iniesta like a love struck .....! http://t.co/cyDYBuE5tl

@EvertonAllSorts (Everton All Sorts) tweeted:

Nothing but he will and we no he's a world class player, Pogba's been hyped up as one of the best midfielders around https://t.co/6CdZFIbOMB

@BiblicalShart (BiblicalShart) tweeted:

Pogba is a garbage player,glorified by playing in a tinpot match fixed league,United were lucky to sell him before he became more fraudulent

@itsmessibitch (ella) tweeted:

pogba being nice af bc he wanna come at us

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