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Trend time: Sat Jun 06, 2015
Trend location: France / France
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@iCGodinez_ (• JesúChristian • ) tweeted:


@pedrolborges (Pedro Lucas) tweeted:

Pogba é um exemplo de jogador completo

@ImSoge (Anthony) tweeted:

Pogba pas top la

@WilliamS8473 (Slaughter) tweeted:

The way pogba plays and how he respects the players of Barca just makes me love him

@xCDMM (Callum✨) tweeted:

Thinking this time next year we'll see Pogba in the opposite shirt

@Jtinsleyy (J) tweeted:

Pogba is like 21 playing with legends ... That's crazy man

@FirmiFatale (⚡) tweeted:

Why do I love Pogba so much?

@cartmanez1907 (Cartmanez) tweeted:

Pogba'nın kendini daha fazla göstermesi lazım. Busquets dahil rakip orta sahada fiziksel üstünlük kuramayacağı oyuncu yok.

@hs16lt18 (Pe¡) tweeted:

Pogba e Iniesta SHIP SHIP SHIP

@PR159 (Pochi) tweeted:

Soy yo, o Pogba solo le va barriendo el camino al ataque del Barcelona?

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