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Trend time: Sun Jun 07, 2015
Trend location: Pittsburgh / United States
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@Marcoe_Polo21 (Marcoe) tweeted:

Season one of Charles in Charge on VHS. #WorstBirthdayGifts

@ () tweeted:

Waking up from a coma and finding out that none of the Kardashians are dead yet #WorstBirthdayGifts

@ () tweeted:

Getting molested by your brother, Josh #WorstBirthdayGifts http://t.co/EqspnZqR3K

@DamianVanore23 (Damian Vanore) tweeted:

Blockbuster Online Subscription #WorstBirthdayGifts

@BrieHxC (Brie Warder) tweeted:

A Throat Punch. #WorstBirthdayGifts @The_FeakersBall

@Trincynna (Nicole) tweeted:

#WorstBirthdayGifts cheap $1 store chocolates made with artificial everything & ALSO past expiration date. YUM.

@NotBTB (Bill the Butcher) tweeted:

#WorstBirthdayGifts *Text We need to talk

@TITOd1 (Tito) tweeted:

#WorstBirthdayGifts I'm black http://t.co/ZLfGcvj4jI

@pizzapopniall (hey savannah) tweeted:

#WorstBirthdayGifts when a family member u dont like say theyre going to take u out as their gift to u

@Synthovine (75% Ironic (¬‿¬)) tweeted:

#WorstBirthdayGifts Feminist strip tease.

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