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@xJezzie (Jessika ) tweeted:

My fave edit of Zayn's green hair so far #GreenHairDontCare http://t.co/RjzALZo7G7

@ehinjall (walking disaster) tweeted:


@nxxdhoran (pas peur) tweeted:

J'aime cette fanbase complètement dérangé de la tête

@stylesxxsuggs (Mafalda ) tweeted:

I JUST WOKE UP TO THIS AND TBH IDK HOW TO FELL #GreenHairDontCare http://t.co/cutUxFeDGO

@GreyWARen934 (Swikriti) tweeted:

And again the legend Zayn has taught us great thing #GoGreen Save nature #GreenHairDontCare Noone has ever done this http://t.co/zpJrKCOxqz

@lhubssmherntot (@lhubssmherntot) tweeted:

And I think we have to respect Zayn's another decision. We seriously have nothing to do but to accept the fact. AGAIN.

@ElezajEjona (one direction) tweeted:

Our Fandom is So Fast

@mrs_crazy_mofo (`хлебушек ниэля`) tweeted:

Нормальный 22-ий парень перевернул фандом с ног на голову #GreenHairDontCare

@ElezajEjona (one direction) tweeted:

OH MY GOD #GreenHairDontCare http://t.co/szhzsG4HKK”

@stephsvll (stephanie) tweeted:

“@HedgeHogLouix: Zouis is life

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