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@themiddlechung (Gina C) tweeted:

I take back Stannis' father of the year award...#GameofThrones

@ChesterPitts (Chester M. Pitts, II) tweeted:

Burning the princess, come on now! #GameofThrones

@Lubiie (Lubie en Série) tweeted:

Se lever 15 min plus tôt, pour regarder #GameOfThrones sur @OCSTV avant d'aller travailler : éviter le spoiler et ne pas être en retard !

@KarenMcCullah1 (Karen McCullah) tweeted:

Kaleesi couldnt fit her friends on the dragon?? #GameofThrones

@armanswords (Arman آرمان) tweeted:

“You have a good heart, Jon Snow. It will get us all killed.” -Thorne, #GameofThrones

@LizTerapeuta89 (LizTerapeuta) tweeted:

Sana los dolores cervicales de forma natural http://t.co/jJUS64IEIf :D #GameofThrones

@buckzollo (buckzollo) tweeted:

Lady flies her dragon like a boss! #GameofThrones

@Alcantarvf (Vale) tweeted:

If #Melisandre wasn't so darn hot, I'd damn her too. #GameofThrones

@spenceyyyyyyy (The Spencer Jones) tweeted:

#GameofThrones http://t.co/O1m46EHLHM

@mdroka (Madan Roka) tweeted:

New most hated guy in #GameofThrones now... http://t.co/txMstk9jLT

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