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@IkerJimenezNews (Iker Jimenez) tweeted:

RT @LizTerapeuta89: Sana los dolores cervicales de forma natural http://t.co/jJUS64IEIf :D #GameofThrones

@AndresLizarrag (Lizárraga) tweeted:

How to train your Dragon westeros edition #GameofThrones

@OkayKhalid (Sirius Black ) tweeted:

Damn, how far will Stannis go to be King??? #GameofThrones

@vineandwhimsy (VineandWhimsy) tweeted:

https://t.co/ToHjbvaTPw #GameofThrones Mug, Shekh Ma Shieraki, Jalan Atthirari, Dothraki , SunandStars, MoonofmyLife, #khaldrogo #Khaleesi

@savagekhaleesi (c’est la vie) tweeted:

RT @MarcusHelton: So blown LOL #GameofThrones http://t.co/yMl7mvAiC2

@aunnalee95 (Aunna Angehrn) tweeted:

RT @dodgergirl949: I'm finally done with the hideous gratuitous violence on #GameofThrones ... I'm out Wait...DRAGON I'm back.

@cynthiaboaz (Professor B) tweeted:

RT @IMKristenBell: "She better get those other 2 dragons out of storage, ASAP"-@daxshepard1, at the end of the weeks #GameofThrones

@RealAlexRoyals (Alex L Royals) tweeted:

RT @CaptainSisig: And here comes Lord Jorah of House Friendzone #GameofThrones

@CarboV (Violet Merjo) tweeted:

RT @armansvoice: “You have a good heart, Jon Snow. It will get us all killed.” -Thorne, #GameofThrones

@caitlynxcurrie (Caitlyn) tweeted:

RT @LordSnow: When you realize there's only one episode of #GameOfThrones left this Season.... http://t.co/fMIpmLUkDh

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