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@zombieatemyhead (Rageclemi) tweeted:

Bitchfight \o/ #GameofThrones

@chris_angulo10 (Chris Angulo) tweeted:

RT @spenceyyyyyyy: #GameofThrones http://t.co/O1m46EHLHM

@itzlexxaa (alexa) tweeted:

RT @macmilliee: My face at the end of tonights episode #GameofThrones http://t.co/CvHPzGznEz

@hnnybzz (Mady Rose) tweeted:

UHG WHEN DANY FLEW AWAY ON DROGON I MEAN COME ON @GameOfThrones #GameofThrones #HouseTargaryen

@walesialynn (Walesia) tweeted:

RT @Sunfeet22: Me after watching #GameofThrones tonight. http://t.co/zM4FPFaUtb

@ItsMelShoe (MelShoe) tweeted:

Umm Daenerys.... You left a few of your peeps hanging. Maybe unlock the catacombs and help a loyal servant out? #GameofThrones

@debrapalermo (Debra Palermo-Lister) tweeted:

OH MY GOD WHAT AN ENDING TO TONIGHT'S EPISODE! #GameOfThrones #Spectacular #Beautiful #RemarkableTV #GoT

@CaseyLowry (Casey Lowry) tweeted:

Yes, Dany, yes. #GameofThrones Season 5, Episode 9

@mike_2697 (Michael) tweeted:

RT @ZaccabeeGaming: My face at the end of tonight's episode #GameofThrones http://t.co/dYYxdgdi6K

@FaventeWell (Von Þingvöllr) tweeted:

RT @LizStewartComed: #MELISANDRE is Not Allowed to babysit. #GameofThrones

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