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@walesialynn (Walesia) tweeted:

RT @darkaceness: Lord of Light, officially confirmed status: dickhead. @GameOfThrones #GameofThrones

@shaaajith (Shajith) tweeted:

Jon snow is still my fav character. #GameofThrones

@cynthiaboaz (Professor B) tweeted:

RT @holinka: I don't think it's a spoiler to say the Lord of Light seems like a real dick. #GameofThrones

@TrillGabi (Texas BROWN SKIN GIR) tweeted:

RT @AyeshBroCricket: They look like they about to drop the most fire mixtape in the 7n Kingdom :) or the hottest album #GameofThrones #got …

@NadineRiviere (nadine riviere) tweeted:

#GameofThrones I suppose I cannot judge GoT by modern standards when it's set in medieval times. But sometimes appease your audience please

@mattdgarcia4 (Matthew Garcia) tweeted:

#GameofThrones does not stop to amaze me. Once again this week's episode left my draw dropped.

@hollyquinncp (Holly Quinn Cosplay) tweeted:

Be nice to Jon Snow, he's been through the ringer lately. #GameofThrones

@_EstelleK (Estella ) tweeted:

RT @LordSnow: The Long Night is coming and the dead come with it. #GameOfThrones http://t.co/K32EaTd1S6

@LOL681 (बतास) tweeted:

RT @amber_dowling: If the past two episodes of #GameofThrones have taught me anything, it's to get an inhaler for the finale. Damnnnnnn

@GregRomero7 (greg) tweeted:

RT @ChesterPitts: Burning the princess, come on now! #GameofThrones

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