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@kelseymakihara (kelseymaki) tweeted:

Might actually hate the Red Woman just as much as Geoffrey if not more #GameofThrones #whatanepisode

@seanxyeezy (sean) tweeted:

New #GameofThrones was awesome.

@ItsMelShoe (MelShoe) tweeted:

RT @IMKristenBell: "She better get those other 2 dragons out of storage, ASAP"-@daxshepard1, at the end of the weeks #GameofThrones

@AinoaBotella (Ainoa Botella) tweeted:

Encontrados 39 lingotes de oricalco, el oro de la Atlantida! http://t.co/FSKJoCfUvS #GameofThrones

@Tormentadenoche (Tormentadenoche) tweeted:

Aquí hablamos de #Eleccciones2015 del #TonyAwards y de #GameofThrones ... Teatreros, políticos, fumadores y bien locos!

@anaisabelhoran (Alaska Hayabusa) tweeted:

RT @Alexand917: Después de 5 años vi el momento mas esperado en la serie, llore y me movía como idiota en la cama #GameOfThrones ❤️

@edsalag (Edd el penas) tweeted:

RT @CarlosMiguelFM: #GameofThrones Khaleesi La pregunta: http://t.co/eBe7vIm3IO

@UDontSayHuh (boo) tweeted:

RT @Alcantarvf: If #Melisandre wasn't so darn hot, I'd damn her too. #GameofThrones

@aidanpuglielli (Aidan Puglielli) tweeted:

Lady Selyse's character development!!

@SaxySunDevil (Brittany) tweeted:

RT @themiddlechung: I take back Stannis' father of the year award...#GameofThrones

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