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@bija_hem (Hemant) tweeted:

Intresting Hrizdahr di Loraq killed. It has been implied in the books that 'he was' the Harpy. #GameofThrones

@UDontSayHuh (boo) tweeted:

RT @mdroka: New most hated guy in #GameofThrones now... http://t.co/txMstk9jLT

@iamtrishaericka () tweeted:

Ha! Finally. #GameofThrones http://t.co/3CSGClJOHl

@1SeymourDuck (Seymour Duck) tweeted:

RT @ClimateReality: "Like climate change, the White Walkers are a threat to the whole human race." http://t.co/e5lD8wwsCt #GameofThrones

@monzeloza13 (5H.FIXATION) tweeted:

RT @ofVerona: Larger than life #GameofThrones @GameOfThrones http://t.co/XhuIOuGyfM

@rmayemsinger (Randi Mayem Singer) tweeted:

RT @KarenMcCullah1: Kaleesi couldnt fit her friends on the dragon?? #GameofThrones

@_ElyUlloa (Elizabeth✨) tweeted:

RT @carlosmarston: Un hombre que no sabe ser un buen padre, no es un auténtico hombre. #GameofThrones http://t.co/TbpMelikqJ

@KalaSinar (Manda) tweeted:


@pollux6873 (JULES) tweeted:

RT @TonightOnGoT: #Drogon is the real MVP! #ADanceWithDragons #GameofThrones http://t.co/3jUJUBFyeW

@MirandaCaroli (Miranda ☮) tweeted:

RT @lkalaf: Good night y'all!! #GameofThrones #GoT http://t.co/c4N0RpVVo4

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