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@Lilian4Y (LC) tweeted:


@Deathbowler (Deathbowler) tweeted:

No le dijeron al Kinect que hoy era la #XboxE3 ? Maldito correo

@zhairiss (Iris Zhai) tweeted:

RT @Xbox: This year, discover the legend within. Xbox Exclusive | Holiday 2015 #TombRaider [RP] #XboxE3. http://t.co/RwtUPQqhU2 http://t.co…

@XboxIE_Official (Xbox IE) tweeted:

RT @Xbox: There truly has never been a better time to be an Xbox gamer. – @XboxP3 #XboxE3

@Ix_Pearz (Ix_Pearz) tweeted:

RT @XboxFR: RT et tweet avec #XboxE3 pour tenter de gagner la pack ultime du gamer ! http://t.co/urOPMLGtkm http://t.co/ccPOmIry2z

@VictorMR82 (Chisposo ) tweeted:

RT @SomosXbox: Nuevo vídeo: ''los mejores juegos en Xbox One'' https://t.co/dTkWTXwplM #E32015 #XboxE3

@IslanderEJ (EJ Richoux) tweeted:

@Shambles11 go a full 30 minutes! it's #XboxE3 haha

@Nerdikal (Michael / Nerdikal) tweeted:

RT @Xbox: The next chapter #GearsofWar fans have been waiting for arrives exclusively on #XboxOne, Holiday 2016. #XboxE3 http://t.co/72eJMS…

@DemonzFr (Alex) tweeted:

@XboxFR la meilleur Line de l'histoire de la Xbox ! #XboxE3 @XboxFR

@CarterLeach12 (Carter Leach) tweeted:

RT @Xbox: Get ready to play your #Xbox360 games on #XboxOne. #XboxE3 http://t.co/emuzzpbOMa

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