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Morris Day

Trend time: Mon Jun 27, 2016
Trend location: Long Beach / United States
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@smoss (Bow Wow) tweeted:

We need morris day and them boys to come out and set it off one time!

@smoss (Bow Wow) tweeted:

Where is morris day and the time at?

@theonlyemanny (Emanny) tweeted:

Where's is Morris Day and The Time tho??!!!

@davidaldridgedc (David Aldridge) tweeted:

If Morris Day and the Time come out, I’m done. @SheilaEdrummer #BETAwards

@cthagod (Charlamagne Tha God) tweeted:

Where the hell Morris Day at?? #BETAwards

@Real_JustRebel (LXASN Indigo Jus) tweeted:

How tf ya gonna do the dance but NOT ACTUALLY HAVE MORRIS DAY THERE WTF

@DJScratch (Turntable Whisperer) tweeted:

Where's Morris Day?

@MsPattyJackson (Patty Jackson) tweeted:

Okay I see Jerome...Where's. Morris Day..wait there's Princes Ex! #PrinceTribute #BETAwards

@TheMavsQueen (K —) tweeted:

Had Morris Day jumped on stage and did Jungle Love or Don't Wait for Me even Oak Tree I would've passed out.

@QuincyHodges (Quincy Hodges) tweeted:

Would have loved to see Morris Day and the Time perform.

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