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Trend time: Sun Mar 08, 2015
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@DaleAllender (Dale Allender, PhD) tweeted:

props to @VanJones68 for continuously referencing #BlackLivesMatter while reporting from Selma today.

@DissidentBiker (BDJinCO) tweeted:

@michellemalkin so in 0bama's mind, the Selma march brought the world... 0bama #Narcissism

@FLOTUS (The First Lady) tweeted:

What a privilege to stand on the Edmund Pettus Bridge today. We all honor Selma's legacy by how we #MarchOn. http://t.co/fdEx9H8l4B -mo

@Freedland (Jonathan Freedland) tweeted:

Rather special RT Full text of President Barack Obama's speech in Selma http://t.co/hORPqFfdnU via @TIMEPolitics

@bretisrael (bret israel) tweeted:

The Shame of the GOP, so well stated--Conspicuous Absence from Selma http://t.co/1Fvp3wDNKg

@kirkfranklin (Kirk Franklin) tweeted:

Tomorrow I'll be in Selma Alabama celebrating the 50th anniversary of the march that changed the world. I'm taking my son. #HUMBLED

@SlimGem6 (Abi-Wan Kenobi ✨) tweeted:

Selma later today #BloodySunday

@haaretzcom (Haaretz.com) tweeted:

.@BarackObama in #Selma: Struggle for equality continues http://t.co/OPNkMvIDnZ #Selma50

@MCHtribute (MikesChinHair ) tweeted:

Selma tells #Ferguson to STFU! http://t.co/fU9KYJCxtQ

@RickyCarmichael (Ricky Carmichael) tweeted:

Looks like @ryan_villopoto2 served up a big plate of ego reducer in that first Moto. Good job champ. Nice turn around

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