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Alison Parker

Trend time: Wed Aug 26, 2015
Trend location: Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam
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@CatalansForYes (Catalans for Yes ) tweeted:

This is how Alison Parker and Adam Ward should be remembered instead of the horrific video. #VirginiaShooting http://t.co/N9OWuW3JcF

@GovMikeHuckabee (Gov. Mike Huckabee) tweeted:

Janet & I are heartbroken by the deaths of @WDBJ7 journalists Alison Parker & Adam Ward. Praying for everyone affected by this trage

@WWEBigE (Florida Man) tweeted:

Shaken by the news of the tragic passing of Alison Parker. We all loved her energy and warmth. http://t.co/TjKRSmT7HA

@TexansCheer (Texans Cheerleaders) tweeted:

Our prayers are with the families of reporter Alison Parker & cameraman Adam Ward (WDBJ in VA) who were gunned down.

@NewsBreaker (NewsBreaker) tweeted:

MORE: Gunman Vester Flanagan posted video of the shooting on Facebook & tweeted victim Alison Parker made racial comments about him @cnn

@ByKellyCohen (kelly cohen) tweeted:

i’m just going to keep looking at this photo. this is how we should remember alison parker and adam ward. http://t.co/wtgbjAFXPp

@MichelleDBeadle (Michelle Beadle) tweeted:

Of course he shot himself. Only thing worse than a POS is a cowardly POS. my heart breaks for everyone who loved Alison Parker & Adam W

@nowthisnews (NowThis) tweeted:

Let's remember Alison & Adam, and not their killer http://t.co/CsyNmbr8Dd

@CNNJustin (Justin Lear) tweeted:

Two hard working journalists were killed in a horrific attack today. Let's make sure we honor them. http://t.co/PTYSf7wCH9

@CNN (CNN) tweeted:

A "rock star" & a "great journalist." Friends remember #WDBJ journalists killed in shooting: http://t.co/V11VsJB7D7 http://t.co/qI8WGKlI

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