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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Ufa / Russia
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@_CALM5S0S (emily) tweeted:

5sos arriving in Japan yesterday!

@_CALM5S0S (emily) tweeted:


@NiallPromoNews (Niall Promo News) tweeted:

RT to vote for 5 Seconds of Summer in the KCAs! #vote5sos #kca

@ () tweeted:

should i put the leaderboard link in our bio? #vote5sos #kca

@explicitmashton (ryan ) tweeted:

RT if you would sell your children to see this #vote5sos #kca http://t.co/SNXFWAJAZB

@5SOSWWReports (Punk Rock Updates) tweeted:

EXCUSE ME WHAT!? #Vote5SOS #KCA http://t.co/xRRu6K9Mca

@AbbeyHemmo (loser | 113) tweeted:

Underneath the same sky #vote5sos #kca

@AbbeyHemmo (loser | 113) tweeted:

My heart wants to come home #vote5sos #kca

@actuallyaisling (dashling) tweeted:

@5SOSReporte: RT because you love 5 seconds of summer #vote5sos #kca #KCA5SOS

@ashtonviews (alexis) tweeted:

this is the leaderboards right now we're so close keep voting guys we can do this #kca #vote5sos http://t.co/EWzjNLic6H

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