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@TheRealzJZ (Jeff Zeserson) tweeted:

Single Babies #OneLetterOffSongs @midnight http://t.co/4mmI5BY1tQ

@JExpMed (JExpMed) tweeted:

Bot for Teacher #OneLetterOffSongs @midnight http://t.co/n0VOwQlDWV

@daswickerman (Dave) tweeted:

The Trumpty Dance #OneLetterOffSongs @midnight

@JonnyMassif (Jonny Massif) tweeted:

RT @Frodeziac: I Can't Feel My Fage #OneLetterOffSongs @midnight http://t.co/8gMDgoo2AQ

@CollectTillIDie (Ron) tweeted:

#OneLetterOffSongs Loving Lou Easy - Zac Brown Band

@the_mikey (FlipCoin) tweeted:

Gin 'n' Out #OneLetterOffSongs @midnight

@OKOldKinderhook (OK.OldKinderhook) tweeted:

RT @discussionsclub: Stop talking about #OneLetterOffSongs! Let's discuss Handbag By Coach!

@FloodR30 (Flood®30) tweeted:

Barfacuda #OneLetterOffSongs http://t.co/L5qeGJidsm

@CrankyCyborg (♿️) tweeted:

@midnight #OneLetterOffSongs Every Rose has it's Horn

@RuncibleSpoun (Runcible Spoun) tweeted:

#OneLetterOffSongs Scarborough Flair @Soldier1eaODGrn

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