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Trend time: Fri Sep 25, 2015
Trend location: Atlanta / United States
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@emily_the_gray (Public Emily) tweeted:

#NewNFLTeams BYUtes @midnight #ButFootball http://t.co/df6jrpO9hn

@krodNM (ᑕᕼᑌY ᗷᗩᑕᗩ III) tweeted:

New Jersey Combovers #NewNFLTeams http://t.co/kNgtuC7Can

@Enjoneer01 (Johnny, Iowa Caucus ) tweeted:

The Seattle Microbrews You've Probably Never Heard Of @midnight #NewNFLTeams http://t.co/UcQk9QSPE5

@CrankyCyborg (♿️) tweeted:

@midnight #NewNFLTeams South Carolina Closeted Senators http://t.co/ZV21pxDooW

@waynepitt69 (Spider Wayne) tweeted:

#NewNFLTeams Denver White Ford Broncos @midnight http://t.co/OUN0QGvyG1

@Steve_R_Walker (Steven R. Walker) tweeted:

The Cleveland LeBrons #NewNFLTeams @midnight http://t.co/NVnr8gX9sg

@tonyposnanski (Tony Posnanski) tweeted:

The Detroit Lions Who Hunt Dentists #NewNFLTeams @midnight

@DlSCORD (Discord) tweeted:

The Maine 6ers #NewNFLTeams @midnight http://t.co/SLqjKGg0Vr

@CNConfessions (CN Confallssions) tweeted:

Detroit Lion #NewNFLTeams @midnight http://t.co/WuTkxxjL9r

@tonyposnanski (Tony Posnanski) tweeted:

The Hollywood Squares #NewNFLTeams @midnight

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