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Trend time: Tue Oct 06, 2015
Trend location: Colorado Springs / United States
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@DocDarnell (f.j. darnell, PhD (D) tweeted:

Everyone in outer space is friends with Tom #myspace #NewSpaceFacts @midnight

@MrTommyCampbell (Tommy Campbell) tweeted:

Donald Trump's new space program will be a gold elevator to the Moon. #NewSpaceFacts @midnight

@Pheramuse (Jillian) tweeted:

Bill Cosby has been indefinitely banned from Uranus #NewSpaceFacts @midnight http://t.co/1baK2UB6HH

@NotBTB (Bill the Butcher) tweeted:

The Moon Walk actually started in Chicago #NewSpaceFacts @midnight http://t.co/bceQdY8sl2

@SheJStaz (Staz Trudeaux) tweeted:

According to other life forms, the Earth's axis is just a galactic stripper pole. #NewSpaceFacts @midnight

@Mr_McStevie (Stephen Spinola ) tweeted:

#NewSpaceFacts We found aliens on Mars and Donald Trump does not want them coming to America @midnight

@DocDarnell (f.j. darnell, PhD (D) tweeted:

First people to reach Mars will have a drink in their very own Mars bar #NewSpaceFacts @midnight

@HanaMichels (Hana Michels) tweeted:

#NewSpaceFacts Black Holes can be found in Aisle 4 Row 57 of IKEA @midnight

@AnthonyBurgett (AntheMan) tweeted:

The next galaxy over carries LIFE, but unfortunately that's the only magazine they have. #NewSpaceFacts @midnight

@Tesseraconteur (Professional Argolog) tweeted:

Buzz Aldrin took a giant wet shit on the moon and never told a soul #newspacefacts @midnight

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