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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Karachi / Pakistan
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@ZHMagsi (Zeeshan Haider Magsi) tweeted:

Who will win the Pakistan vs West Indies match? Retweet = Pak Favourite = WI #PakvsWI #PakvWI #CWC2015 #Cricket http://t.co/vP2nlza0Ab

@chahatiqbal (Chahat Benazir) tweeted:

نَصْرٌ مِّن اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ !! #PAKvWI http://t.co/zjIHxXcai2

@NasirJamshed_ (Big Nas) tweeted:

I ask Waqar when I go back on pitch. "Over my dead body" he say. Then he quickly look at sky & say "I no mean this. Forgive me" #PAKvWI

@NasirJamshed_ (Big Nas) tweeted:

UAE... we coming for you. #PAKvWI

@NasirJamshed_ (Big Nas) tweeted:

"Better to have one leg Hafeez than two leg Younis & Nasir" Me & Younis bhai say this ourself to Waqar. #PAKvWI

@Pathanuuu (J.✌️) tweeted:

Inko wapis any do sb ko tamatar many mene wo bhii saray ve.

@MArif_PTI (سب کا#karachi ™) tweeted:

مصباح الحق دنیا کا پہلا چ کپٹان ہے جو بغیر پروفیشنل کیپر کے کھیلتا ہے. #PAKvWI #cwc15

@inshahmir (Mir Insha میر انشاء) tweeted:

Seriously #PAKvWI #WIvsPAK http://t.co/2ZX5lh4RM5

@satyaprakash14u (satyaprakash) tweeted:

can v expect fair investigation for hunger strike? @drramansingh @YuvaiTV http://t.co/AZU1V715ro #StopMarriageBill #PurushAyog #PAKvWI

@Gr_Albader01 (✨ قروب البدر ✨ 62k) tweeted:

رتويت تلقائي لجميع تغريداتك باشتراك شهري يمكنك التجربه قبل الاشتراك #الاهلي_الهلال #الهلال_الاهلي #PAKvWI http://t.co/NzWX09OSw2

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