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Jon Snow

Trend time: Mon Nov 23, 2015
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@starkskingdom (Luke) tweeted:

Até que enfim a HBO aceitou que todos já sabem que o Jon Snow está vivo. OU VCS JÁ VIRAM ALGUM POSTER DE NOVA TEMPORADA DO NED POR AÍ???

@JamesFBello (ogjamesb) tweeted:

@MystikGunn () tweeted:

You know nothing Jon Snow! You can't even die correctly... :P #gameofthrones #itneedstobeaprilnow #hboandchill https://t.co/Zl2ao01ve8

@backlon (Dieter Bohn) tweeted:

Game of Thrones announces season six premiere with a bloody Jon Snow https://t.co/qkhLqJSE90 https://t.co/oPGhQzm1XV

@bakukings (ً) tweeted:

jon snow is not dead

@allonsyLu (Michelle Dawson) tweeted:

HBO's teaser poster for this season of GOT features Jon Snow! Time to do my happy dance. https://t.co/oW6MVCy1Q7 https://t.co/FpIoiqZShU

@samir (#1 samir) tweeted:

Jon Snow has 5 months to read the book to figure out what happened to him

@g1 (G1) tweeted:

Jon Snow estampa pôster da sexta temporada de 'Game of thrones' https://t.co/K6lIj8vqaF #G1 https://t.co/JgNfwKm2oo

@javierlaterza (Javier Ignacio) tweeted:

RT @infobae: Game Of Thrones promociona su 6ta temporada con una imagen de Jon Snow https://t.co/dL594Bt25E https://t.co/4f7urJrs4z

@monismb (foice sem martelo) tweeted:

RT @cruciatrix: jon snow vivo vivissimo vai estar na sexta temporada sim obg deuses antigos deuses novos deus afogado senhor da luz

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