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Jon Snow

Trend time: Mon Nov 23, 2015
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@maisumiyagi (Bruno)s(Díaz) tweeted:

H(BO)ay que ser del género bobo para cargarte tu mejor cliffhanger con un poster de adelanto de temporada. Jon Snow #GOT #JuegoDeTronos

@lwwiz (loup) tweeted:

c'est grâce à keen'v si jon snow est en vie

@NBegau (Nathan) tweeted:

RT @ComplexMag: HBO just put Jon Snow on the 'Game of Thrones' teaser. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????? https://t.co/UbJEju9eVR https://t.co/On5eK…

@phendricks71 (Petunia Hendricks Ph) tweeted:

"Game Of Thrones" teaser poster might confirm Jon Snow's bloody return https://t.co/HO6pM0TnMs via @HuffPostEnt

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