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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Karachi / Pakistan
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@lildurk2015 (Hit Maka) tweeted:

SB Stunts sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk 'Only,' Meek Mill....and Nicki Minaj http://t.co/ruZXg47N9c http://t.co/1rnnv97K7k”

@positivepuzzle (☼) tweeted:

For every RT this gets, @pedigreeUS donates a bowl of food to starving dogs!! RT it takes 2 secs

@JasonLloydNBA (Jason Lloyd) tweeted:

Speaking of those 2010-11 #Cavs ... The Knicks are that team reincarnated. All they need is Samardo Samuels on a 10 day

@shafermedia (kevin shafer) tweeted:

Osbourn HS coaching Staff for varsity football looks better than some NFL staffs HC. Chris Samuels.. asst. Marcus Washington Khary Campbell

@avonsemotion (Gissel) tweeted:

Watching the Oscars like http://t.co/OBv0XCPGyU

@Jarlvanderploeg (Jarl) tweeted:

Prachtige foto's Van Maikel Samuels van boer Arnoud (1927) uit Elshout met een been http://t.co/UjiTRVRWIt http://t.co/TcxE3LBVKz


Odell Beckham too

@MirxaBitzz (#One) tweeted:

Have you heard "All That You Are" Zeb Samuels & Rowl feat Segilola’ by Ash Walker Music on #SoundCloud? #np https://t.co/NSWv5rtT5U

@Jane_Samuels (Jane Samuels) tweeted:

Egypt RT @sharifkouddous Friends and relatives scream against military rule after Shura Council verdict read out http://t.co/C2XzUefUk6

@Clonners58 (Clonners) tweeted:

Martin Samuels in The Daily Fail shows why he is a journalist (albeit a poor one) and not involved in football. #qpr

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