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@66Betty (Cathy ) tweeted:

#InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule This taped-off-the-radio cassette.. https://t.co/6SkztPBNSQ

@DaSkrambledEgg (David E) tweeted:

My pass to the swimming pool that I never found #InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule

@Nessa_Star4 (Secia G) tweeted:

#InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule my Aqua Net hair spray... https://t.co/xm6j9xXmnS

@HepatitisAtoZ (Eric Schmeric) tweeted:

my virginity is #InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule .....when i turned 22 i went back and put it in

@writerlike1 (Writerlike) tweeted:

#InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule This Nokia phone: https://t.co/Km9nIaLVAS

@JeffSarcastic (Jeff⚡️) tweeted:

The remnants of a Rubik's Cube #InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule https://t.co/hTho6kWj8d

@Nessa_Star4 (Secia G) tweeted:

#InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule my blockbuster card of course... https://t.co/NBtGuJES9v

@wickedfedora (Donyal) tweeted:

My Game Boy Advance that my parents got me as my first game system. #InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule https://t.co/VGUdyQhKCp

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule are my healthy lungs, mix tapes, and my virginity

@8Flibble (The Blue Morpho) tweeted:

#InMyHighSchoolTimeCapsule My high school crush https://t.co/6q4EmgxV5J

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