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@IndyCar (IndyCar Series) tweeted:

MEDICAL UPDATE: @EstebanGtz #IndyTO #INDYCAR https://t.co/adjQfem0rl

@12WillPower (Will Power) tweeted:

Prepared for battle. Green flag is at 3:40 p.m. ET. #IndyCar #IndyTO https://t.co/BHLb1Pwcoq

@DEForceRacing (DEForce Racing) tweeted:

"Acabamos 4to en nuestra primera carrera en la @USF2000, a un paso del podio" @JoseSierra44 #IndyTO

@IndyCar (IndyCar Series) tweeted:

GREEN, GREEN, GREEN! https://t.co/1I2Xejdij6 #INDYCAR #IndyTO https://t.co/5XpApjKpGm

@12WillPower (Will Power) tweeted:

Will just debriefed the incident with @IndyCaronNBCSN's Robin Miller. #IndyTO #IndyCar https://t.co/DfbPIJfxOz

@IndyCar (IndyCar Series) tweeted:

REPLAY: @AlexanderRossi goes around Jones for P3! #INDYCAR #IndyTO https://t.co/1I2Xejdij6 https://t.co/UqNHbzpdke

@IndyCar (IndyCar Series) tweeted:

Current Top 5 with 40 laps to go https://t.co/1I2XeiVHry #IndyTO #INDYCAR https://t.co/sJMjOY0uk4

@OPP_HSD (Sgt Kerry Schmidt) tweeted:

Verizon Indy Car Race @hondaindy #IndyTO #TakeItToTheTrack https://t.co/ALnBRHU7oA

@indy44 (Matt Archuleta) tweeted:

Rahal just told it may rain in about 15 minutes. #IndyCar #IndyTO

@SHAYZEN (Shay Hazen) tweeted:

Power officially retired from today's race. Car can not be repaired per the No. 12 crew. #IndyCar #IndyTO

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