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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Do discreetly remove dentures before attempting to blow out candles. https://t.co/O5yIddYw95

@monday_mayhem (Monday Mayhem) tweeted:

Let's Play: #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts with @Monday_Mayhem! @Googlygirl98 @helenmarymetoo @geoffreyclark37 Par… https://t.co/DIIEkIZfn6

@jimishbathia (Jimish) tweeted:

Do ask for a return gift.. don't bother about a gift for the birthday gal #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@LukeWheeler01 (Luke, No Mayo ✋) tweeted:

Do bring a gift. Don't re-gift. #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@jimishbathia (Jimish) tweeted:

Do dress up well... but not your birthday suit #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@monday_mayhem (Monday Mayhem) tweeted:

DO remember a lady's birthday. DON'T remember her age. #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Don't hire this clown to perform #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts https://t.co/H0O6eUy1XD

@jimishbathia (Jimish) tweeted:

Play all the games.. dont miss out on tag games! #BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts

@liltr2 (Tee) tweeted:

#BirthdayPartyDosAndDonts Do cry if you want to. Don't get your cake all snotty.

@bigmacher (Jeff Dwoskin - Hasht) tweeted:

Do bring a

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